Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Yes! There is life after 60!

Celebrate Life! 

Why LifeAfter60?

 When we were younger women were taught by social norms to hide their age.  Be discreet and even deny!
Some even denied their age and some were shy and akward to let people know.  Does it reduce the  worth of a person who is known to be older than presumed?  One minute she is a beautiful young lady and the next minute people would consider her over the hills?  I would think its a great compliment and blessing if one does not look or feel her "real" biological age.  I certainly do not feel over 60 and I do not really care or mind if people knew.  So What?

 Why? What is so unmentionable about being over 60?  Everyone is marching towards 60, 70, 80 and so on, if we are blessed to have a fairly healthy fulfilling life. To be able to even breathe normally, eat well and to  walk on our own is a very great blessing indeed.

 Every day there are young people who are fighting hard to live, to breathe, to survive.  They are  stuck in hospital beds and even on the battle ground.  Babies to not go to war to die... the war comes to them.  They all want to live but they must die.

We do not try to complain too much about dying.  There is a force moving on, pushing on - the will of God.  The day we were born to the day we leave this worldly life is already written thousands of years before creation of man.

We can enjoy the beautiful delights of this worldly life but know that one day we will all be returned to our original home.  Jannah, better known as Paradise.  Only if we believe and submit and hope for the Mercy of Allah SWT.

The One and Only.  The First and the Last.  The Creator and Sustainer of the Universes. Do we not want to know who is King of Kings?

There is life after 60!  Life goes on until our number is called.  So each day is precious and every new experience is so wonderful.  If we can wake up every morning to the sound of birds singing and smell the fresh air from the garden, this is indeed a great blessing.  Yes, I do live in the urban areas but my home is surrounded by trees and hills.  And I do hear birds and insects even as I am  sharing my thoughts.

I want to live and yet I must be ready to leave.  In the meantime there is much to rejoice and work for.  I shall try to share some thoughts and reflections in this journal.  Not to entertain or impress because there are many people who lead more interesting and meaningful and rewarding lives.  But every experience is unique and affects us in a different way.  May my sharing bring you some joy as you read.  May Allah SWT bless and give your genuine happiness.

I feel blessed to be able to attend classes to improve my knowledge of my religion and my Creator. Never stop learning as we are only children in terms of knowledge of life and spirituality.
 I am surrounded by kind and generous, wonderful caring people called family and  friends. I thank Allah SWT for placing special people in my path and I thank them for their beautiful friendship and love.  To love someone only for the sake of Allah SWT is the best love of all.